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Children + Family

We love teaching kids about Jesus! 
And We love equipping parents for Family Worship!

Hope Kids ~ Sunday Program

Hope Kids is a family-focused children's ministry that acknowledges parents as the primary disciple-makers of their children. In line with our beliefs, our church services are intergenerational, and we welcome and encourage families to remain together for the worship service.

For anyone who wishes to send their child to Hope Kids on any given Sunday, we have leaders ready to teach them in fun ways! Each Sunday, our optional children's program starts after the congregational singing and concludes at the end of the Church service. Entrusted leaders who love the Lord escort them upstairs and oversee them.

On the last Sunday of the month, we hold our Hope Kids Celebration. Our leaders divide the children into two age groups: Hope Beginners is for 1-4 year olds, and Hope Kids is for 4-12 year olds. This allows learning to be optimised for each age group. This is a time to celebrate the Gospel through Bible teaching, songs of praise, and engaging, age-appropriate activities.

Family Discipleship

Under God, the Elders at Hope desire to see the parents (and future parents) of Hope Church take family discipleship joyfully and seriously. We are here to help!
We believe that the Church facilitates children's discipleship and that the Elders shepherd the Church, but that parents are uniquely tasked by God to invest in their children. The primary disciple-makers of the children are you, the parents! (Eph 6:4, Deut 6:4–7). Because of this glorious view of the family, we invest in all parents so that they can fulfill their role under God and raise children who love the Lord.

How do we do this?
  1. We teach parents to engage in Family Worship. This is an age-old practice among Christians. Every day, if possible, the household can gather together, read some of the Bible, discuss its meaning, pray together, and sing to Jesus.
  2. Once a quarter, on a Monday night, the Elders gather at Church, and all the spiritual heads of the homes are invited (anyone can come). Ps. Tom encourages and teaches on the responsibility of Family Discipleship, and we pray and discuss the topic together.
  3. We have produced a Catechism and a 52-question and-answer memorisation tool for parents to teach their children (available here or at the foyer every Sunday). At a workable pace of one question per week, parents can use this booklet to teach and discuss the basic theology of the Christian faith with their children as they grow up. It is especially handy for Family Worship times.
  4. We have a discipleship guide each week. Available here or at the foyer every Sunday, this pamphlet includes Bible readings, explanations, and prayer points, all relevant to that week's Catechism Question. We know starting family worship from scratch can be hard, so this resource is a big help for busy parents!
  5. We have Ed! Ed Nutter is a faithful Christian Father in our congregation who has extensive experience in parenting and Family Worship. He makes himself available so that if you have practical questions regarding family worship, he can help, give advice, and point you to the elders if need be.
  6. We have helpful videos on YouTube. Click here to see some sermons, a Q&A, and even an example Family Worship time!

Our Vision

To see all children amongst our congregation grow up with a love for Christ and His Church and a zeal for evangelism. Our desire is to equip families to raise up their children as disciples for Him who will surpass us in fervor, knowledge, sanctification, fruitfulness, soul-winning, and devotion.

Our Leaders

Hannah Phillips

Hannah is our Children's Ministry Coordinator. She loves children, loves Jesus, and loves to serve the local church. Under the oversight of the Elders, she leads the team of volunteers to provide an organised, safe, and Christ-exalting environment.

Ed Nutter

Ed was saved as an adult and married Patricia. For many years, by God’s grace, he has been a hard-working small business owner, father, and husband. He has three adult Christians walking with the Lord and is a grandfather! His children and their spouses attend Hope Church. Ed and Patricia have plenty of experience leading their family in devotions, worship, and Christian education. If you’d like some advice on conducting Family Worship, resources for the family, or anything related, grab Ed on a Sunday! He’d love to have a chat.