9/130 Kingston Rd, Underwood

Key Commitments

Every Church is different while adhering to the vital basics. At Hope Church, Logan, we have a few key marks that characterise us.

1. The Gospel of Jesus is primary. — Our main aim and message as a Church, is to proclaim the finished work of Jesus, who saves us from sin, death, and God's wrath. Telling our city and community of His perfect life, substitutionary punishment in death, and triumphant resurrection is central to everything we do.

2. We are historical in our beliefs. — This means we affirm the early creeds, use a confession, and seek to be historically informed in our approach to Scripture. We don't chase novel ideas.

3. We are big on the local Church. — We believe and teach that every Christian should be in a local church for two main reasons: 1) because it is the only body to whom God gave his Holy Spirit to accomplish his purposes in the world. And 2) because you cannot mature in a healthy way as a Christian, without being a part of it.

4. We believe in biblical manhood and womanhood. — Men are men, women are women; men should be masculine, and women should be feminine. These are wild concepts today, but at Hope, we aim to make these all-important commitments evident in our homes, Church, and community.

5. We are non-woke. — We won't be asking your pronouns, asking your group identity, or offering you rainbow lanyards. We see all men and women as equal image bearers of God who have the same ultimate problem (sin) and the same solution (Christ). The Church is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, multi-everything, church - where nothing but "In Christ" gets to become our identity.

6. We are missional. — This means that we hold our beliefs firmly while we engage our culture, integrate into our context, reach out into our community, and preach the unchanging Gospel with conviction. We are not a huge church, but by God's grace, we want to see many lost people saved, many people baptised, many new people come, our church thrive, and the masses  won for Christ. We gather for worship, and we scatter for mission.

7. We are expositional. — This means we preach passage by passage through the Bible on Sundays and study it in depth in our mid-week meetings.